Early April…

So Far so good. Most of my plants are doing well and the trees are all looking good. We had a light frost last week that killed off some of my squash seedlings and damaged some of the leaves on my tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. Everything seems to be more or less unaffected and doing well. Squash has been re-seeded. Early harvest continues to be consistent, to the point that I have eaten from the garden (greens, herbs, and radish) every day for two weeks. Here are some updated pictures…

Robin takes up in my empty hose reel.

Radish harvest



About Denton Homescale Permaculture

Environmental Scientist, Graduate Student, Musician, Husband, Father, amateur gardener, and permaculture enthusiast.
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1 Response to Early April…

  1. Rebecca says:

    Your garden is looking great! Sorry about the freeze, and the drought, and the winds. At least squash grows fast once it gets going.

    Heads up, in case you didn’t know already….. Denton County Master Gardeners Association is having their annual Plant Sale and Garden tour on the first weekend in May. One of the host gardens is an “Edible Landscape Garden” and it’s in Coppell Texas. The description says the garden is intensively planted and “emulates a natural forest”:-) Thought you might like to know about the tour! I personally cannot wait to see a local permaculture garden.

    Keep up the good work, love the posts.

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